Hi, am 15.Mai erscheint meine erste Single, als Preview fürs Album (kommt im August). Wenn es Dich interessiert, schau hier vorbei oder verbinde Dich per Facebook. Gruß, T.

Summertime, sweet Summertime, don't leave me anymore! Don't make me feel betrayed by empty promises of a liar. What about the shooting stars we watched explode, holding hands and all the other merging moments? Won't you miss me? You volatile butterfly! Passing on to play the games I like so much at places I can't reach. Each time you kiss me goodbye my heart cries salty tears of longing! You made me think more than once: Should I spend so much love on you? As much as lovers do? Or treat you rather as a friend? But the moment you return, still shining from your journeys, your intimate smile washes away my doubts and I find myself at the beginning again. Summertime, sweet summertime, I love you so much!  (Tobi Steger - September 7th, 2015)